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Magic Heart

$0.99 USD

If you really want to impress that special someone, tell them how much you love them, and what you love about them, and tell them often! The Magic Heart App makes that easy to do. It lets you enter your own phrases which will then magically appear in random order any time you shake the device, or when you press the Tell Me button.

Buy a copy of Magic Heart for yourself, enter all of your phrases, then once a day, or several times a day, e-mail the card to your loved one. And, buy them a copy, load your phrases into their device, and then the Magic Heart can tell them how you feel as often as they wish!

Watch the Magic Heart iPhone Demo

Comes with just a few sample phrases to get you started. Enter your own phrases, as many as you like. To view a random phrase, either shake the App or click the Tell Me button. Send the card by clicking the E-mail icon. View a list of phrases by clicking the List icon. Or, change the saying in the upper left corner or add new phrases by clicking the Cog icon to go to the Settings screen.

On the Settings screen, you can type in the upper left corner to change the phrase to anything you like. ‘Things I love about Sally’, ‘Things I want to do for your birthday’, ‘The kama sutra position of the day’, whatever you want. Try to keep the phrase around 30 characters or less.
Type down in the middle of the heart any phrase that you want to appear there. For best results, keep them 60 characters or less. After typing the heart phrase, click the Add button to save the phrase, you’ll see it disappear and re-appear, that indicates it was saved. Then, type another phrase, click Add, type another, Add as many as you like.
On the main card, click the E-mail icon and a copy of the current card will be attached to an e-mail. The phrase from the upper left corner will be included in the Subject of the e-mail. You may address it to that special someone, add text to the message if you wish and press send. That will put the message in your outbox. Then go into your e-mail app in order to send it out.

Click the List icon in the lower left corner of the main card to view a list of all of your saved phrases. Click on any phrase and it will take you back to the main card and load that phrase into the heart. In that way, you can send any particular card to your sweetheart at any time.

If you wish to remove some phrases, click the Delete button to put the list in Edit mode, that will put a button to the left side of each phrase with a minus sign in it (-). Click the minus sign and a red delete button will appear next to the text. Click that delete button to delete the phrase. When finished deleting phrases, click Done to exit Edit mode.

If you have a lot of phrases to load, all at once, then you can create a text file that you put up on a website somewhere, and at the top of the list, you can type in the URL (address) of that text file, and click the Load button. That will load the entire file into the App.

The text file should be plain text, save it as a .txt file, don’t save it as an .rtf or .doc file or anything else. Put one phrase per line, and ensure that you do not have any blank lines at the top or bottom of the file. Upload the file to your website, or the website of someone you know. After you load the phrases into the App, you can remove the file from the website.


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