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Brain Relaxer

$5.99 USD

The Brain Relaxer is a training program that will bring you inner peace on command. It consists of text, audio training and the power of neurolinguistic programming to teach your subconscious to combine two ancient techniques that will allow you to instantly calm a racing mind and quiet mental chatter simply by taking a deep breath and saying the word "Peace". It can improve every aspect of your life.
Benefits of Brain Relaxer:

* Stop the mental turbulence that robs you of your energy and well-being.
* Stop negative and self-abusive thoughts.
* Listen and connect to others without judgment and criticism.
* Stop stress in its tracks.
* Stop worry, fear and anger.
* Stop a racing mind anywhere, anytime.
* Enjoy increased mental clarity, focus and clearer perception.
* Feel instant relief from obsessive thinking.
* Increase your present moment awareness.
* Protect yourself from negativity.
* Open yourself to inspiration and healing energies.
* Perform any activity while enjoying the benefits of Brain Relaxer.

The Brain Relaxer was created by Pamela Turner, M.Ed., C.Ht., a counseling psychologist, Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming and certified Hypnotherapist to help you live a happier life on a deep level and to bring more peace into the world.


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