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Word Assist

$0.99 USD

Word Assist is a tool to help you find words to play in the game Words With Friends (WWF) or other word tile games. Word Assist was designed to help you improve your play, yet not do so much, that it takes away the excitement and challenge of the game. Word Assist frees you from the tedium of searching a long list of words, or guessing at random combinations of letters hoping for a valid word, and allows you to focus on the real strategy of the game.
Enter your letter tiles in the first box. Use an underscore (_) character if your letter tiles include a blank tile. You may type the letters without typing the commas, and they will be inserted for you.

Type a search term, this would be one or more letters found on the playing board. You can import a screen shot of your board by taping on the rectangle at the bottom of the screen. Take a screenshot of your WWF board by pressing the Home and the Power button at the same time to save the screen to your Photo library.

Here are some other search terms that you could enter and what they mean:

Your Tiles: d,_,e,n,r,i,r

Search term 'elude' with a max length of 15, clicking In Middle returns 'deluder', 'deluded', 'eluded', 'eluder'

You can also use an underscore to be a placeholder for any one of your tiles:

Search term 'v_i' with a max length of 8, clicking In Middle returns 'vein' etc.

Search results are returned to the Lookup screen. You may also search for words by typing a word into the Search textbox and tapping Search on the keyboard. Searches done from the Lookup screen search the entire dictionary of words, and do not qualify results by words that can be made with your tiles. In this way, you can lookup to see if any word exists in the dictionary.

You can use wildcards in your search in the Lookup screen. ‘%ing’ will return all words ending in ‘ing’. ‘fi%’ will return all words that begin with ‘fi’. ‘f_x’ will return 3 letter words that start with ‘f’, have any middle character, and end with ‘x’.

If your opponent plays a word that you did not find in the dictionary, you may add the word by clicking the Plus Sign (+) on the Lookup screen, typing the word and saving.


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