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ARISE Positivity Cards for iPhone


The ARISE Positivity Cards App is a unique way of saying, thank you, or I apologize or I forgive you, or I’m sorry or You are so appreciated. You can use this app for self-improvement or to communicate in a delightful way with those who are important to you.
After loading the app, you will see the ARISE Positivity Cards Display Screen. You may navigate from one card to another in several ways:
  • Swipe your finger across from left to right to move to the next card.
  • Press the center Auto Play Icon on the toolbar to start the automatic scrolling of the cards.
  • Press either of the Arrow Icons at each end of the toolbar to move to the next or previous card.
  • Drag the Slider Ball at the top of the screen to scroll through the cards.
  • Tap the card displayed to flip the card over to see Side Two. Tap on Side Two to flip back to Side One.
  • To Email a card, choose the card you want and press the Compose Email Icon on the toolbar on the bottom of the screen. This will send the selected card to your email program, allowing you to select the email recipient.
    The Settings Screen can be accessed from the Card Display Screen by pressing the Cog Icon on the toolbar. Cards may be filtered by Subject and Theme. Currently, there is only one subject, ‘Positivity’, but ARISE is planning to offer a Spanish version of the cards shortly.
    Filter the cards by selecting a Theme. Click on the Right Arrow next to the Theme display box, which will bring you to the Theme Selection Screen. Press one of the Themes from the list to filter a specific category.
    On the About Us Screen you can access the ARISE Foundation website. You may also click to post a Review and/or Rate our App on iTunes. There is also a link to contact our App Support so you may give us your feedback. In addition, there are links to the ARISE Foundation Facebook and Twitter pages.


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