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Mood Shifter

$5.99 USD

Don't let your mood ruin your day! Quickly change your mood, raise your vibration, reset your day with the Mood Shifter! The Mood Shifter will quickly take you from one of nine moods you don't want to one of nine moods that will uplift and support you throughout your day.

The Mood Shifter is so effective because it not only shifts your mood but also heals the underlying energy causing the undesirable feelings.


• Quickly change your mood from your undesired state to your desired state.
• An easy-to-follow process that takes about 10 minutes, perfect for a short break to reset your day.
• Release the underlying energy block that is causing the uncomfortable feelings.
• Replace the old energy with a new energy that you can carry throughout your day.
• Raises your vibration - excellent for Law of Attraction work.
• Fast, easy, safe, natural, lasting.

Emotions are a combination of the energy you are feeling plus the story you are telling yourself that feeds that energy. When you are feeling an uncomfortable emotion, focusing on it and telling yourself why you should feel that way actually gives the uncomfortable feeling more power and allows it to persist. This causes the underlying energy to remain stuck. The uncomfortable feelings persist and affect your perceptions thus further reinforcing the bad mood.

With the Mood Shifter, we first accept that we are feeling bad rather than resisting, denying or stuffing the feelings. As we acknowledge it in this way we stop the story we're telling ourselves about the feeling, so we stop feeding it. Now that the story has stopped, we focus on the underlying energy that is stuck and allow it to flow, thereby releasing the stuck energy and pain associated with it. We do this using EmoTrance, which is short for Energy Transformation, an energy psychology healing modality.

We fill the space created by the old energy flowing away, with a new energy, the mood that you wish to feel. We install and anchor this new energy in your experience creating a new mood and new energy to carry with you throughout the day.


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