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Mobile Music Player

$2.99 USD

Have you ever tried to use the iPod Music Player app while driving in the car? It's nearly impossible to use, for anyone over the age of 16, as the buttons are too small to press, and the text too small to read unless you put on your reading glasses, which of course, you don't need to see with while you're driving! All that results in a lot of fumbling around and taking your eyes off the road when you should be concentrating on steering the car and not killing anyone!
The Mobile Music Player was designed with this in mind.
  • The buttons are LARGE so you can easily press them with just a quick glance at the screen.
  • The text is LARGE and readable from an arms-length away without your reading glasses.
  • There are three color schemes available for different lighting conditions. You don't want really bright white screens while driving at night!
  • Navigation is SIMPLE, click a tab for a list, scroll a list, click to play. No fancy gestures to remember.
  • The most important info is displayed, but NOT EVERYTHING. This reduces the amount of clutter on the screen and leaves room for LARGER text.
  • It comes with an OPTION to keep the screen UNLOCKED and prevents SLEEPING while playing. Or, you can let it sleep if you need to save your battery.
  • It's tied to the iPod app, so you can keep the music playing in the background while you open up your Maps app for navigation! (it's not seamless, but it works pretty well)
  • It's compatible with devices back to iOS 3.1, so, you can install it on your iPhone 3 or your first generation iPod Touch!


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