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$.99 USD

Tracking your results is the only surefire way to know if the time you’re spending in the gym is paying off. WorkoutSheet was designed with a purpose in mind, to replace the pen and paper most avid gym users carry to track their results. WorkoutSheet is the easiest tracking tool for the intermediate to advanced gym user.
We found that most workout applications were designed for the beginner including videos, pictures and step by step diagrams. All of this is great but if you already have your routine and a plan all of this is wasted time. WorkoutSheet is an application to get you working out faster and easier by minimizing your clicks and removing all distractions.
Create a new workout sheet quickly and easily. New Workout creates an empty Workout Sheet. You'll have to add all of the exercises, sets, reps and weights yourself. Or, use a previous workout as a template.
Do you do the same workout routine on certain days of the week? Clicking Day of Week Workout will bring up the last workout you did on that same day of the week as a template. Clicking Last Workout will bring up the very last workout you did as a template.
Search through your previous workouts for reference, or 'USE' that workout as a template for a new workout.
The calendar shows what days you have workout sheets for, and the badge will show how many workouts you have for that date.

The Profile page allows you to keep track of your total number of workouts, sets, reps and how much iron you have pressed!


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