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PTSD Eraser

$4.99 USD

The PTSD Eraser is a quick, 12 minute long, audio process that brings you relief from the uncomfortable emotions associated with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It uses Emotional Transformation techniques that focus on healing the energy body that was damaged by the trauma and the emotions associated with that injury. You focus solely on the energy sensation in your body without need to recall or relive disturbing events.

In this process, while you are guided through the healing of your energy body, you will also learn how to do this process for yourself anytime and anywhere for any disturbing emotions. As you repeat this process when needed,your energy body and emotions will clear and heal.
Really, really works!

by Julianap

It should be called "Stress Eraser", as anyone experiencing that chest tightening feeling of extreme stress, whether PTSD or not, would be transformed listening to this short guided exercise. I felt a complete and immediate return to joy after doing this - each time I used the app.

Thank you whoever you are! We need more apps like this that make people happy and healthy!
Great app for releasing strong emotions

by Tinker bell hop

After listening to this app I feel quite calm and peaceful. New memories come up and they pass and I can tell this app is releasing some of this energy for good. I find it very effective and would highly recommend - even for non Big Trauma people but maybe smaller Ts that are just overwhelming situations from the past.
Very helpful.

by Wuzcrackin

As a vet and PTSD sufferer who has put in much time with a therapist, this app had a tremendous effect on helping me process trauma. Not sure it would have had any impact without therapy, but in conjunction with it, I was able to significantly reduced the mental pain I was dealing with at that moment. Don't play around with your PTSD, take it serious and don't quit fighting. Semper Fi


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