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Feng Shui

$4.99 USD

Feng Shui is the study of chi (or ki) energy; how it flows, how it interacts with other energies, how it changes over time.

In Compass School Feng Shui, you calculate your KUA number to see which compass sector you were born under. This will indicate the type of energy that was prevalent at the time of your birth, and will provide clues as to what types of energy are helpful to you, and what types of energy are harmful to you. Five Element analysis is then used to help you optimize the energy of your home.
Watch the Feng Shui iPhone Demo

Create Profiles for you and your family, friends or clients. The Profile calculates which compass sectors influence your success, health, romance and personal growth. There are also compass sectors which bring bad luck, obstacles, illness and total loss.
Your Profile is also associated with one of the Five Elements - Earth, Fire, Metal, Water and Wood. Learn which other Elements are compatible with your Element, and which are incompatible. Learn how to use the colors, patterns and shapes associated with these Elements to decorate your home in a way to enhance the compatible Element energies or calm the incompatible Element energies.
When you first create a Location, the chart area of the Location Detail screen will be empty. Double-tap in this area to bring up your Photo Album and select a floorplan for each of your floors. You can save floorplans to your Photo Album by either taking a photograph of your floorplan, or, if your floorplan is available on the internet, you can navigate to it using your Browser, touch and hold down on the floorplan image and you will be given an option to save the image to your Photo Album.
Once you have selected a floorplan image, rotate it by swiping your finger up or down, so that the north side of the floorplan is pointing towards the bottom of the screen. In Chinese Feng Shui, north is always positioned at the bottom of the compass rose. Swipe Left or Right to scroll between the various floors belonging to the Location.

Now, you may select various Profiles to see how their beneficial and problematic compass sectors line up with the floorplan.


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